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EBIN GOLD sensitive adhesive spray

EBIN GOLD sensitive adhesive spray

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ADHESIVE SPRAY] Wonder lace bond adhesive spray is a melting spray to melt your lace to secure your wig. Formulated to seamlessly blend into your hairline for natural look.
EXTREME FRIM HOLD] Extreme holding finish look that last not only all day but all week so you can go about your day without worrying about your wigs being in place lifting. Mega strength meets affordability.
PRESICION] Our lace wig adhesive spray is super is use with the point nozzle for precise spraying. You can pinpoint the direction the location that you want to apply the glue on. The quick dry of the glue ensures quick application that lasts all week.
SWEAT RESISTENT] Formulated to be oil resistant and perspiration resistant to make sure your wig stays on and put. Our glue can hold your wig through oily skin and scalp, as well as heavy perspiration or high humidity. [CRUELTY FREE] Not only our product latex free it is also cruelty free and vegan meaning you can slay your wig while being conscious.

Why shop with us?

We can guarantee that all of our wigs and hair extensions are made with 100% Authentic Virgin Indian hair imported from South Indian hair temples. This hair will last you 1-3 years to come with proper adequate care.  All of virgin Indian hair is unprocessed and natural 1b colour customised to your order.

We guarantee: 
- No chemical processing!

- Will NOT melt when straightening. You can bleach, blow dry and colour our hair.

- Come with elastic band sewn inside the wig or wash wear and removal!

- Our extensions are not mixed with synthetic or animal hair. All cuticles are intact and aligned, which eliminates tangling or matting. V

ery minimal to no shedding.

Shipping & Returns

We are not responsible for packages lost by Royal Mail/AN POST/DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT or stolen packages.

WIG ORDERS; wigs are preorders of (5-7 business days) then shipped off to you within a (3-9 business days) time frame depending on region


UK: (4-8 business days)

IRE: (3-5 business days)

USA:(5-9 business days)

EUROPE:(5-7 business days)

rest of the world: (5-12 business days)

shipped via An Post

• registered & tracked shipping for wigs.
Options available at checkout 


All wig cap sizes come at - 22.5 INCHES (medium)

Other options:

(23-23.5 inches) large

(21-21.5inches) small

Please add to note section or email ( after purchasing if required or DM (@thepkplugg). If not done or required your order will be shipped at average size of ‘medium’

Hair care

We recommend a minimum of once Some signs that your wig needs a little TLC is when it becomes dry, matted, and dirty.  Be sure to avoid over washing your wig unit. This can alter your curl pattern, and lead to premature shedding. Wearing a wig cap under your wig, and removing your wig before bed will help lengthen its life span. Do not over shampoo as it will dry the hair out. Use a generous amount of conditioner to allow it to penetrate through the hair follicules.

Step 1: Detangle your wig

We recommend using a wide tooth comb or your hands for this step.  Starting from the ends of the hair, slowly work your hand or comb up to the roots of the hair while gently freeing any tangles out of the hair.  This step will help you avoid ripping the lace while washing your wig unit.

Step 2: Rinse

Next, it's time to get wet.  Gently rinse your wig unit in cool to lukewarm water.  Once soaked, gently remove any excess moisture with your hands.

Step 3: Apply Shampoo

Now it's time to cleanse your wig unit.  We recommend a clarifying shampoo specially formulated for lace wigs. Place the recommended amount of shampoo in the palms of your hands.  Slowly work the shampoo into a lather and work the lather from the roots to the ends of the hair.  Be gentle when shampooing your hair to avoid premature breakage.  Take caution to avoid your wigs scalp (will create matting)  

Step 4: Rinse the shampoo

Cool water is recommended to rinse the shampoo out from your wig unit.  Once shampoo free, use a towel to gently blot the wig unit free of any excess moisture.  We recommend using a microfiber towel.

Step 5: Conditioner

We recommend a specially formulated wig conditioner for this step.  Starting from the bottom, work a small amount of the conditioner into the hair.  Similar to the shampoo, be sure to avoid applying the conditioner directly to the wigs scalp.  Once applied to the wig unit, allow the conditioner to sit for the recommended time frame, or up to 5 minutes.  Once complete, starting from the top of the wig unit, rinse the wig unit with cold water.  Gently use your microfiber towel to blot the wig unit free of any excess moisture.

Step 6: Dry

The best way to dry your wig unit is to allow it to air dry.  If possible, leave your wig on your wig stand or mannequin overnight so that it can completely dry.  If in a rush, you can also blow dry the wig unit on a low cool setting.  BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOUR LACE.  Once your wig is fully dry, you can style the unit as normal.

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